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If you reblog this before July 1 2014, I will write your url down and stick it in a jar or whatever. Over the summer I will take the jar of urls and I will scatter them around. They may get taped to public loos, they may be thrown into crowds at festivals, or they may get put under napkins at restaurants.
Some one may find your url, and who knows, they could message you telling you where they found it.
You have until July 1 to reblog.

about a week left!!

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god who fucking cares. who fucking cares. who fucking cares. everyone stop being offended and mad over the smallest shit ever. ask urself who the fuck fucking cares

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"My nights are for overthinking; my mornings are for oversleeping."

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"Everyone else can fuck off because I only want you. I only wanna be wanted by you."

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this hit me like a load of fucking bricks.

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Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.


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